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 Dear friends from all walks of life:

Thank you for "hangmai technology" support and help!
In the tide of market economy, with the rapid development of China flavor industry, our company hangmai in your help and support, with passion and vision, along the way, it can be said today, hangmai flavors with its unique brand strategy and business philosophy, to create a miracle, laid the leading position in the industry.
Twenty years, thankfully hangmai produced from a food additive business development department now set to the development of scientific research, comprehensive industrial company sales in one, from a single flavor production developed to cover the cold drinks, beverages, candy, cookies, roasted seeds and nuts, snack food production areas of the sweet savory flavor comprehensive categories, and has advanced technical cooperation with the United States, Japan and other countries, to create high-end brand essence, from "hangmai technology" single brand "hangmai", "East", "whirlpool China" brand, brand series, and provide high quality products with different flavor for food factory, market positioning and operation pattern of different oriented customers, all of which contain hangmai's interpretation of innovation and pioneering strength.
April showers bring May flowers.
Twenty years of entrepreneurship, the development of twenty years, twenty years, twenty years of achievements!
To conform to the trend of development, the domestic talent aggregation Magi, sustainable development achievements hangmai, we will as in the past efforts to create a first-class product quality, first-class management team, first-class customer service, and write a new chapter for hangmai industry, open up a new situation, to achieve a new leap!
Add:China Hangzhou jianggan district nine loop 33????
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