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Corporate purpose
 Hangmai to "scientific concept, innovative thinking, high-quality products, sincere service" for business purposes, to establish a good image for the enterprise, products by our customers trust, in recent years, the company has been awarded the "provincial, municipal departments of Zhejiang province science and technology hundred private enterprises", "Zhejiang one hundred" good faith enterprise "demonstration unit", "Hangzhou city science and technology advanced private enterprise", "Hangzhou contract and trustworthy unit", "Hangzhou City Industrial and commercial inspection unit", "enterprise" focus on the development of Hangzhou City, Hangzhou city "model collective" honorary title, "hangmai" trademark Hangzhou City was awarded the "famous trademark". The company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, follow the "continuous improvement of the quality of products and services, quality policy to better meet the needs and expectations of customers", will further improve the product and service Quality, let "Hangzhou man flavor" incense all over the country, to the world, to create greater glory!
Add:China Hangzhou jianggan district nine loop 33????
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