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     Enterprise development experience 20 years of precipitation, hangmai Technology (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. is the international advanced management mode. The economic zone is located in Jianggan science and technology company's headquarters in Hangzhou,
   Undertake research, sales, management functions, in the southern town of Tonglu Economic Development Zone Hangzhou production base and will be fully put into use Deqing production base, professional companies supporting the production of various kinds of food flavor, food ingredients, the company from the previous single lifeProduction of food flavor by the business model, to expand the set of flavor, seasoning, beverage ingredients, natural concentrated liquid in an integrated industrial company. The company with a total size of up to 170 acres, the size of the business has gradually become the group, in the domestic counterparts enterprises emerged.
    The company in the field of technology, give full play to the human imagination, by virtue of advanced foreign technology and equipment, advanced production technology and measures, product quality inspection system is complete, creating a picture and a vivid and colorful flavor world. Together with the international Fragrance Association, Japan, between the United States and other countries were senior experts cooperation, let the enterprise stand at a sufficiently high platform pilot domestic technology level, but also the whole enterpriseBody development level and management level effective with international standards.
    The company has all kinds of food application experimental center, professional and technical equipment, with soft drinks, juice drinks, milk drinks, wine, candy, baked, roasted, salty food and other professional senior engineers, all year round for customer service, to provide the formula for business development of new products, processes, such as a full set of technology. "To ensure first-class technology, the first-class products, provide first-class service" for the Chinese and foreign food manufacturers has become the company's service tenet.
    The company has the flagship brand "hangmai flavors", after twenty years of careful cultivation and build, become the flavor industry's most well-known brands of cooperation in.2006 company and Japan East spices Corporation, founded the "East flavor" brand, 2009 with the spice industry cooperation, to create a "whale China bakery flavor" brand, relying on the essence of high-grade foreign advanced technology and the development of raw materials.
    The company now has a huge sales network and perfect sales system, there are dozens of hangmai flavors all over the country, Dong Jin Hua flavor flavor, Huier stores and more than 500 sales outlets, direct sales in large and medium-sized manufacturers work, companies rely on high-quality products and sincere service award success.
The company has a long-term effective development, always adhere to the people-oriented, to benefit as the center, to product development and marketing as the focus, the full implementation of the four management project, namely brand strategy management engineering, engineering quality cost control, engineering research and sales system, staff quality training projects. The establishment of full, the whole process of a full range of management the management system, each part of the business of the penetration into every aspect.
   "Zhejiang province 100 technology private enterprise", "Zhejiang Province, hundreds of enterprises' 'integrity demonstration unit", "Hangzhou city science and technology advanced private enterprise", "Zhejiang province Shou contract re credit units AAA enterprise", "collective" model of Hangzhou City, these honors spur companies to a higher level to follow. "The continuous improvement of the quality of products and services, quality policy to better meet the needs and expectations of customers", the company has passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and ISO22000 food safety system certification, further improve the quality of enterprises and products, the quality of service for customers.
Carry forward the spirit of advancing with the times, pioneering innovation situation, is the pursuit of hangmai company all my colleagues diligently, "the days of high Niaofei, wide sea diving, let us look forward to hangmai company ships, in Chinese and international flavor and fragrance industry in driving the future!
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